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St. Colmcille's Primary School, Ballymena, Co Antrim

St. Louis' Grammar School Students Take on the Role of Educators.

18th Oct 2023

In Year 1, the students from St. Louis’ taught the pupils about 2D shapes, helping them sort and count these shapes. Additionally, they engaged in activities that involved exploring height, arranging bottles based on the quantity of liquid in them, and played an engaging spider-themed game. In this game, the pupils were tasked with matching the number of pegs to the corresponding number on the spider's body to represent its legs.

In Year 2, the pupils delved into problem-solving puzzles and participated in an interactive maths quiz, bridging the connection between maths concepts, numbers and shapes. They also embarked on a creative project where they measured their handprints and used them to craft a ghostly image.

In Year 3, the pupils embraced the Halloween spirit by tackling maths challenges infused with a spooky theme. They engaged in activities that involved matching the right 2D and 3D shapes, adding a fun and festive touch to their maths lessons. Additionally, they enjoyed a lively game of "Simon Says" with a maths twist, where some lucky participants had the chance to win some sweet treats. To further enhance their problem-solving skills, the students also participated in a Harry Potter-themed math quiz.

Year 4 pupils engaged in interactive activities focused on measurement, capacity, and shapes. These activities were complemented by various games, making the learning experience both informative and fun.

In Year 5, the pupils embraced the Halloween spirit with problem-solving quizzes that featured a spooky theme. They also underwent challenges testing them on their multiplication and division facts.

In Year 6, the pupils enjoyed engaging in an exciting escape room challenge inspired by the world of Harry Potter. They also delved into a four-quadrant coordinate puzzle to further enhance their problem-solving skills.

In Year 7, the pupils participated in a word problem quiz, which presented them with the challenge of deciphering a thirteen-digit code.

We extend our thanks to the students of St. Louis' Grammar School for generously dedicating their time to educate our pupils about maths. We had a wonderful and enjoyable experience.