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St. Colmcille's Primary School, Ballymena, Co Antrim

October in Year 2!

26th Oct 2022

We’ve had another busy half-term! Still exploring the topic of Ourselves, we used clay to make our portraits. We then painted and varnished these… have a look in the photos below! We also used our bodies to get fit outside on our obstacle course. We balanced, climbed, hopped, skipped and jumped… and we loved every minute! 

We carried out an investigation to test which drinks are good for our teeth. Have a look at what happened to the eggs we that we put into different drinks… you might be surprised with the results! 😳

We are all unique and amazing and we got to dress in our traditional costume for International Day. So many countries from around the world were represented! 

The theme of Maths Week this year was Money and we enjoyed investigating coins and sorting really money. The highlight of the week was going shopping at the food stalls in the assembly hall! 

We have been learning about shape and directions. We enjoyed using Beebots to navigate around mazes and floor mats. We also used lollipop sticks to create 2d shapes. 

We got creative and made some Halloween decorations to hang up at home! Don’t they look spooky! We also decorated some Halloween themed cupcakes 😋