Top Tips for Parents


Parents often ask how they can deal with situations that arise with their children.  The links below give Top Tips for Parents to help their child build resilience and the life skills to become responsible adults of the future.  Resilience is a word that is being used often in society today.  It is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from a difficult situation.  Children need to experience difficult situations in order to learn from them.  They need to be able to learn how to cope with the good and bad things in their life.  We, as adults, must help them learn how to do this.  Too often we want to resolve the issue immediately for the child as we don’t want them distressed or unhappy.  However, in doing so, the issue may be resolved in the short-term but the child has not learned how to deal appropriately with a similar issue when it presents itself again.

Building Resilience

Dealing with Bullying


Friendship Skills

Improving Communication

Improving Self-esteem

Managing Child Behaviour

Mental Health

Managing Emotions

Promoting Independence